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We are Climb Aloha’s Recreational Services branch. We specialize in rock climbing and slacklining classes, as well as company team building and child/teen focused events. Our instructors are formally trained in several disciplines (including Rescue, Tree Climbing, and First Aid), and are all here to make sure you have a good time!


Our Rock Climbing School offers a range of classes for people who have never been rock climbing to trad gurus looking for a refresher.

Birthday parties, group classes, or one on one, our team of slackers is here to get you walking down the line.

Looking to get out of the office?Demonstrate the importance of leadership skills and teamwork in a not-so-typical work environment.

Our kids program is here to motivate kids to not only play in our environment, but also take care of it.

Aloha ohana!

Climb Aloha’s Rocks School is the original rock climbing guide service in Hawaii. It's our desire to make the world a better place by sharing our love for rock climbing and introducing you to the sport as thrillingly and safely as possible!  Like no other sport, rock climbing offers the potential for a lifetime of rewarding experiences.  You will meet fun and interesting people, visit the world’s most beautiful places, and challenge yourself in unexpected ways.

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Frequently asked questions


What should I bring?

How do we get there?

What if I cancel?

Bad Weather?

Where do your classes take place?


Our classes take place all over the island. Generally, our class locations are as follows:


Climbing 101 – Makapuu

Climbing 201 – The Jungle (North Shore)

Climbing 301 – Makapuu

Climbing 401 – The Moke (North Shore)

Climbing 601 – The Jungle (North Shore)

What do we need to bring?


Be sure to bring your own snacks, suncreeen, water, and a lunch. Swimwear should always be in your backpack in Hawaii.


All technical gear – rock climbing  shoes, rope, crashpads, etc, is provided by us.

How do we get to the class site?


Directions will be provided by your guide. We also may be able to offer you transportation services for an additional fee.

What if I cancel or don't show up?


If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, or don’t show up, you will still be charged for the class. You may be able to take a makeup class at a later date.

What if there's bad weather?


Our instructors will call you the day before to confirm the weather and plans for the next day. If it rains during your class and you have to leave early, the class will be pro-rated or you will have the option to take an additional class at another location. Contact us for more information.

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