Fall Protection & Rope Access

Training & Certification

We offer specialized rope access training and certification for four different work environments at height: towers, trees, cliffs and steep slopes, and buildings and structures. Unlike many other training programs, our courses are designed to be specific to these environments and make efficient use of your time and money. This means we never ask you to watch boring PowerPoints or teach you silly maneuvers or skills or that you will almost never use. Instead, each of the following 2-day courses is fast-paced, hands-on, fun, affordable, and will cover the following elements as well as environment-specific topics:

  • OSHA compliance
  • The Hierarchy of Fall Protection, and which choice is right for you
  • In-depth overview of all relevant rope access & fall protection equipment
  • Essential knots
  • Constructing bomber, redundant & equalized anchor systems in a variety of situations
  • An introduction to ascending & descending/rappelling techniques
  • Simple rescue & complex rescue

Available courses

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